Professional, Elegant & Brave Actor

Emma Connell

Available for commercial, drama and underwater.




Recent dramatic performances from film and television. For commercial work please get in touch






  • My video editor is knocked-out by your performance. I think you bring levels of emotional layering to the story that make it heartbreaking and very human. 

    Owen Brenman, Director, Doctors BBC One
  • It was a great pleasure to work with you and to have you on board to lift this film to a new level of sophistication and personality!

    Bo Krabbe, Director, Persil
  •  Really cool to work with you. I hope we can do it again sometime. Your reel’s very good BTW. I’ll keep you in mind and all the best!

    Declan Lowney, Director, P&O This is the Life
  • It was great working with you on Latuda. You brought a lot to the character and the client and agency love the spot!

    Mike Rowles, Director, JWT
  • Lovely working with you Emma, you nailed all your scenes, you look great on camera, couldn’t ask for anything more.

    Ben Whitehouse, Director, Channel 4
  • Emma Connell is superb as Anne, effortlessly imbuing this complex character with a naivety and ambition that are clearly at odds with each other.

    Paul Couch, What's On Stage
  • Pleasure working with you Emma, a lot of fun indeed. Everyone has been delighted with your performance, so much so we are using you to bookend the show!

    Samuel Abrahams, Director, ITV2
  • Great eyebrow performance – an award winner!

    Jon Dennis, Director, Yoplait
  • Just to let you know, it was damn hard work editing the pictures – you were so good at your job!

    Frank Herholdt, Photographer, Print Campaign
  • So, 45 billion years of evolution brought us finally together Emma! Enjoyed working with you!

    Suki Singh, Director, Photobox
  • Been meaning to contact you after our shoot to thank you for a fantastic job. I really hope we can work together again soon.

    Devon Dickson, Director, LG Life's Good
  • We did an Exorcism and the way we did the Exorcism was that we briefed a young actress – not an actress I’d been aware of before – who was exceptionally good at what she did.

    Sir Tony Robinson, Gods and Monsters

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